-Product Name: Multi-function Folding Facial Hair Razor for Women
– Blade: Made of stainless steel
– Knife body: high quality ABS plastic, PP (sterilization)
– Heat resistant up to 70 degrees
– Box of 3 plants: 22mm width, the blade is covered with a special plastic film to increase the safety when using!
– Compact handle construction, the razor blade has a safety guard that won’t hurt your skin even if you slide sideways.
2/ How to use:
– Shave in the direction of eyebrow growth to avoid skin pain and to shave the eyebrow area according to preference.
– Discard when the blade is dull. Blades are not replaceable.
– Can be used to shave face or underarm skin
Dao Cạo Lông Mặt Gập Gọn Tiện Dụng Đa Năng Cho Nữ
Avoid direct sunlight.
To a dry, cool place.
Close the lid tightly after use.
Packing: bag (2 knives)
*Note: Effects may vary depending on the user’s location


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